Cycle Hoops Inverness

Established for over thirty years, Inverfab has been providing Inverness, and the rest of the UK, with high-quality metal-works for literally decades. While perhaps it isn’t immediately apparent as to why exactly you would need our services, rest assured that we have produced a product that you have used. While we specialise in general steel fabrication, we also manufacture a number of other items that the UK public make use of every day. We provide Cycle Hoops in Inverness so that the public has somewhere safe to leave their bikes.

You’ll perhaps have noticed a definite increase in encouragement for cycling in Scottish cities. Local City Councils around the country have been placing cycle paths anywhere and everywhere, with a number of incentives been put in place to run alongside. In many cities, you can opt to rent a bicycle for a journey and then leave them at a conveniently placed station. What once was a niche activity, is now becoming a normal way to travel throughout the city. If you go through any Scottish city, there is no doubt that you will encounter a number of cyclists and cycle hoops, and this is especially true for Inverness.

Did you know that Inverness is the top city for cycling? In 2015 it was announced by the Highland Government website that Inverness is the Scottish city with the highest percentage of residents cycling to work. Data from the Census display that 5.6% of journeys to work are made on a bicycle. The Cycle Action Plan for Scotland has expressed that they want this to increase to 10% by 2020, and they are making good process in making this happen. Throughout Inverness, cycle maps are being expanded at a rapid speed. More and more locations throughout the city are being made accessible to cyclists.

The fantastic cycle hoops that Inverfab Ltd produce, only encourage this healthy trend. We give clients an opportunity to offer their customers and staff a place to safely leave their bicycle. You’ll be able to proudly state that you are doing your bit for the environment and for the health and fitness of your employees by giving them a place to leave their bikes after cycling to your establishment. Our products have been tried and tested for over thirty years, and we are confident that we can provide you with a cycle hoop that will satisfy the needs of your clients.

A cycle hoop is something all businesses in Inverness should think of investing, especially as it is a big focus with the city council and a hobby that is looking to increase in popularity. For more information, please feel free to get in contact with us. Additionally, you can see our past work in our gallery on our website.