Flitch Beams Inverness

Going by the allegory offered by a classic children’s nursery rhyme, a house is only as strong as the products it has been made with. When it comes to constructing new houses or buildings, it is important that you find metal materials that have been fabricated by only the best of companies. At Inverfab Ltd, we have been producing high-quality metal works for over thirty years. We offer our clients flitch beams in Inverness so that they can construct projects that will last for a lifetime.

For those that don’t know, a flitch beam is a compound beam that is usually made up of a metal plate being placed between two planks of wood. Very often they will be made up of either iron or steel. In Inverness, it’s more often steel than it is iron and for this reason, you’ll find that they are more often referred to as steel flitch beams rather than just flitch beams. We’ve been manufacturing this particular type of building material for over thirty years, and our products have been used in a number of construction projects.

They’ve always proven to be a popular construction item and there are a number of reasons for this;

  • they require a lot less timber than other construction materials with is perfect for a country that is becoming more environmentally focused.
  • a flitch beam is known to be significantly stronger than just timber and will mean that buildings are more reinforced against bad weather and potential damage.
  • they are lightweight and so can be easily placed alongside wood-only beams without causing stress to the rest of the construction.
  • flitch beams are significantly cheaper than steel beams and can make for a great cheaper alternative.


We are proud to state that the flitch beams we produce in Inverness are manufactured to a superb quality. If you take a look at our gallery, you will be able to see for yourself the many high-profile projects that our materials have been used in. Our team are passionate about what we do, and you won’t find a more dedicated group of people. For more information on how our flitch beams in Inverness can be used in your projects, feel free to get in touch with us!