Mild Steel Suppliers The Highlands

Inverfab Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of various types of steel. As a family run business we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of materials to our customers. Specialising in general steel fabrication, Inverfab provides quality mild steel across numerous locations including The Highlands.

Having been an established company for more than 30 years, Inverfab Ltd has a wealth of experience in manufacturing and supplying many steel products. In regards to mild steel, it is a very popular product that we provide. Mild steel is typically strong and stiff, creating a very durable product. It can be easily painted or primed and is the normal choice for most fabrications. Mild steel can be easily cut to meet your requirements.

Not only do we manufacture and supply products made from mild steel, but we also make products from other materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. At Inverfab Ltd, we specialise in general steel fabrication as well as fish farming and food hygiene equipment. All of our jobs are carried out professionally and at very affordable prices.

If you would like to gain an insight into how we work or see the products that we create, you can visit the gallery on our website where you can see many examples of a range of our products. From stainless steel staircases, to industrial brackets, to ornamental flower holders, Inverfab Ltd has a very large product portfolio and can make different products upon request.

As the years have gone by, we have accumulated and created ourselves a large number of different machines, which has allowed us to do our job faster and more efficiently for our customers. Because of this, we are able to deliver highly professional results, which has achieved a high level of customer satisfaction.

All you have to do is send us the information regarding your requirements and we will provide you with a quote for the job required. At Inverfab Ltd we offer a free, no obligation quote. Why not contact us today on 01463 232 986 or fill out our online contact form. So whether you need a new steel gate installed, or new bollards put in place, the qualified team at Inverfab Ltd will be able to help you in The Highlands or wherever you are based.