Steel Flitch Beams Inverness

Steel flitch beams are a compound beam that is typically used in the construction of houses, decks and other wood-frame structures that you will find. At Inverfab we can manufacture and supply a variety of different items. One example of an item that we manufacture and supply to people who are based in Inverness is our steel flitch beams.

If you are based in Inverness and you have been looking for steel flitch beams at decent prices then you should take a look at what we can offer to you. Our company has been established for over thirty years, this means that we currently hold over thirty years experience in providing steel flitch beams to those who are in Inverness. The fact that we have a number of large machines has enabled us to do the job fast and efficiently meaning that we can offer our clients better rates for what it is that we are providing.

We can also offer our clients a free no obligation quote for our steel flitch beams. If you would want a free no obligation quote for our steel flitch beams then all you need to do is contact us now. Additional information about how you can contact us can be found on our site. Once you have contacted us we will be able to provide you with a free no obligation quote.