Steel Staircases Inverness

Inverfab Ltd has been established for over 30 years. During which time we have took pride in manufacturing steel staircases for properties in Inverness. We frequently have individuals from Inverness who come to us for the staircases that we do for properties in Inverness. Since establishment we have been able to increase the amount of machines that we have at Inverfab, this means that we now have more machines available than ever before which ultimately means that we can manufacture your steel staircases quickly and efficiently.

Our steel staircases look professional and unlike the majority of other manufacturers who manufacture these staircases, we do our staircases for those in Inverness for decent prices. We can also provide those in Inverness who are interested in our steel staircases with a free no obligation quote! We feel that you, like previous others who have purchased staircases from us will be satisfied with the staircases that we can offer to you at the price that we can offer them at.

Our clients have also recommend our staircases to others in Inverness as well which means that we do have a large demand for our steel staircases, but with the amount of machinery that we have in Inverfab we are able to manufacture these staircases without any problems! So if you are in Inverness and interested in having your steel staircases manufactured by us then just contact us and we can provide you with a free no obligation quote.